The Vintage Concert Shirt: 10 Coolest

Looking for 10 coolest vintage concert shirts? Look no further. Vintage concert shirts have captured some of the most iconic moments in music history, especially during the 1960s and 70s, let's take a look.

  1. 1975 Led Zeppelin US Tour. This shirt encapsulates Led Zeppelin's image. It contains their signature logo, the naked man with wings, in full color glory in front of a fading sunset.
  2. 1980 Grateful Dead Tour. The Grateful Dead were the kings of psychedelic, so it makes sense that their shirts have some trippy imagery. This particular shirt shows a skeleton wearing a crown of flowers.
  3. 1978 Aerosmith Tour. Aerosmith was one of the best bands of the 70s, so it makes sense that they had some of the best imagery as well. This shirt is simple, featuring their well known winged logo.
  4. 1982 Rebel Yell Billy Idol Tour. Billy Idol is a badass, no doubt. This explains why his concert shirt features his face, with his signature snarl.
  5. 1980 The Wall Tour. This shirt, for Pink Floyd's trippiest movie venture, contains one of the most iconic images of their career.  It features a broken down wall on the front.
  6. Rolling Stones Tongue Shirt. The Rolling Stone's tongue image is one of the most well-known rock images of all time.  It is no wonder why this shirt makes the list.
  7. 1979 Van Halen Tour. This shirt perfectly encapsulates Van Halen's over the top nature. Their chrome logo is placed orbiting above Earth.  How much more self-involved can you get?
  8. 1980 The Who Tour. This Who shirt is perfectly subtle in all the right places. The front features their logo, with the arrow pointing out of the "o" in Who. The back features a portrait of each member of the band as well.
  9. 1987 David Bowie Tour. David Bowie is known for his ever-changing style and personality. This shirt fits his nature perfectly, in that it features a collage of images that are all different. Perfect Bowie!
  10. 1985 Deep Purple Tour. It is rare to find a concert shirt that experiments outside of the realm of traditional black and white.  However, this Deep Purple shirt lives up to the band's name, as it is all in different hues of purple.  An instant classic.
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