Virtual Dating Games

If you're looking for some interesting virtual dating games to try out, then you may find these three choices among the best out there on the market. Virtual dating games have been a hot commodity for quite some time now and, being that sex sells and people always require relationships of some sort, it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Be it with real people or not, virtual dating games are a fantastic (and safe) way to explore relationships with the opposite sex.

  1. "The Sims 3." This is a virtual dating game that doesn't involve actual real people but is a form of virtual dating life nonetheless (and life in general as well). "The Sims 3" is a full living and breathing simulation of every day life which includes dating. Build homes for your sims, get them jobs, and even help develop their relationships.
  2. "Second Life." Whereas "The Sims 3" didn't involve real people, "Second Life" actually does. It's a virtual life where people can create their own avatars, live in their own properties, start their own businesses, play games with others, and yes, even start relationships. "Second Life" is free up to until you decide that you want to do more with it such as buy a property or start a business.
  3. "Red Light Center." As far as virtual dating games go, "Red Light Center" takes the whole playing field a few steps further beyond that of "Second Life." This virtual dating life is just like "Second Life" except it is sex-orientated. For a mere $20 per month, you can have the "anything goes" experience on "Red Light Center."


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