Virtual Pet Games

There are a number of virtual pet games in which you have to feed, clean up after, love, and take to the bathroom a digital animal just as you would have to a real live pet. These virtual pet games can be used to teach responsibility and provide entertainment for those who do not or can not have pets.

  1. Facebook – Facebook has a number of virtual pet games. From tending to the farm on "Farmville" or "Farm Town" to just taking care of the fish in "Fishville", each game has a time limit in which things have to be done or your pets will get sick and die. You can use coins to buy items and bring your animals back to life or rescue then from the pound.

  2. "Net Pet" – "Net Pet" comes to you from American Girl. You have your choice of adopting a kitty or a puppy and you must train them to do things such as not barking and staying off of the couch. You need to play with your virtual pet and feed them in order to advance in the game.

  3. "Adopt A Pet" – This virtual pet game offers a variety of animals up for adoption including fish, snakes, cats, dogs, horses, turtles, and even monkeys. You can take your pet to the vets office for a check up or to the pet store to buy some new toys.

  4. "Foo Pets" – "Foo Pets" has the most adorable and lifelike animals. Unfortunately, it is not free like a lot of other virtual pet games on the Internet. You can choose a package that starts at $4.99 per month and goes up from there. Although it may be worth paying for a more realistic looking pet, there are plenty of sites to check out before paying for one.

  5. "Hamster Academy" –  "Hamster Academy" is available in both French and English. This virtual pet game allows you to raise hamsters. You can feed them and walk them to level up your pet and unlock other options.   

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