Virtual Villagers 3 Cheats

Find out how to score unlimited food and make babies fast with these “Virtual Villager 3” cheats. “Virtual Villager 3” picks up where it’s predecessors left off; you start out with a few villagers on a deserted island, and you have to rebuild civilization on the island while trying to sort out what happened to the villagers that came before you. The hardest part of “Virtual Villager 3” isn’t always solving the mysteries of the island, it’s making sure you can increase your population and keeping everyone fed as your village grows. If you take the time to learn these “Virtual Villager 3” cheats, you can keep your village fed and build your population quickly.

  1. Mmmmmmmm honey. When you’re villagers are out exploring their new home they’re going to need plenty of food. This “Virtual Villagers 3” cheat will keep your tribe swimming in sweet, delicious, honey goodness. Get a villager that likes to run and have them smoke the hive. Smoking the hive will keep the bees at bay and allow the rest of your tribe to collect unlimited honey.
  2. Timing is everything. Timing your game just right is another “Virtual Villager 3” cheat that can supply your tribe with more than enough food to get them through the lean times. Before you start the game set your system ahead by one day then start your game. After you start the game smoke the bees out of their hive, and plant one seed. Let the game run and then set your clock back to the correct date. If done correctly this “Virtual Villager 3” cheat should garner 3,000 honey and 1,000 fruit. This “Virtual Villager 3” cheat may seem like a lot of work, but keeping your tribe fed makes it worth the effort.
  3. Know where to find collectibles. Knowing where to find all of the collectibles is a “Virtual Villagers 3” cheat that will save you and your tribe lots of time and effort as you explore the island and build your city. Here is all you need to know to find collectibles; turtle shells are only found around the waterfall and mating buildings, ocean items can only be found on the beach and the reef, and rare feathers are usually found in the clearing that has the roster of the dead down by the bath.
  4. Double your tech points and your food. This “Virtual Villager 3” cheat may take some practice but if you can perfect it, you will be one step closer to building a successful civilization. When you’re out collecting items–food, feathers, shells and the like–place two children on top of the same item. If you do it fast enough will get two of each item you collect. This “Virtual Villager 3” cheat comes in really handy if you’re running low on food.
  5. Make babies faster. This “Virtual Villager 3” cheat may seem kind of pervy, but it will increase your tribe’s population faster. Place a man on top of a female, if you do it right you should see a messages that says “going indoors for some privacy” on top of the happy couple. Once you see that message, move the male villager away from the female and you should your population number change and a baby in the females arms. If you don’t see the population change, you don’t have to give these villagers a chance to cuddle. Pick the male up and try it again until your population change and you see a baby. Remember people “Virtual Villager 3” isn’t about love and romance, it’s about building new worlds, making babies fast and collecting food!
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