Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms In Adults

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in adults can disclose conditions that range from minor to deadly. If you having something as simple as muscle twitches, a supplement may be a quick fix. However, if you are having one of the more serious symptoms listed here, like bone pain, your situation may be far more serious.

  1. Bone pain. Osteoporosis can cause bone pain and bone degeneration. This happens for a variety of reasons; one of them is a lack of calcium. A vitamin D deficiency can prohibit the body from absorbing calcium. Tip: Other things can cause osteoporosis and pain in the bones, so if you are experiencing that, consult your doctor before resolving to take a Vitamin D supplement.
  2. Rickets. This is another bone disease. It is softening of the bones due to Vitamin D deficiency or a lack of phosphate and calcium in the body. This disease reveals itself through pain in the bones of the limbs and the spine. Other symptoms include skeletal and dental deformities. This condition requires more serious treatment than just a supplement. Consult a physician.
  3. Muscle weakness. Muscle weakness and muscle cramps are a common symptom in adults. If you find yourself jumping out of bed at night with toe or leg cramps, consider taking a vitamin D supplement. This will help the body process calcium and possibly stop you from getting a Charley Horse.
  4. Muscle Twitches. Involuntary twitches occur in the muscles when there is, among other things, a vitamin D deficiency. Twitches normally occur in the legs and the arms. This symptom usually occurs in conjunction with a magnesium deficiency. Doctors often recommend a supplement or supplements that combine vitamin D, calcium and magnesium to ensure all vitamins are absorbed. The body has a hard time just absorbing any one of them alone.
  5. Depression. Studies show that in some cases, adults can get Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form or depression, when they don't get enough Vitamin D. A lack of sunlight in the winter months can cause SAD. Sunlight is necessary for getting Vitamin D into the body. In this situation, full-spectrum bright light therapy may provide relief.
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