Volcom Guys Boardshorts

Summer is here & you might want to know what are the best Volcom guys boardshorts to wear.  You best bet is to check out some of the "Featured Artist" shorts, "Modtech Collection" boardshorts, "V.Co-Operative" series or search the "Amphibuator" collection to find what you are looking for.  Here is a list of the best Volcom guys boardshorts.

"Featured Artist" Volcom Boardshorts:

  1. OZZIE SNAKE EYES F.A. MODOzzie Snake Eyes F.A. Mod are a collection of Volcom guys boardshorts featuring art by Ozzie Wright. If you love crazy pirates and skeletons these are for you.  With these crazy pirate skeletons it’s a blast to see what they are up to all around from front to back. People will stare and wonder where you got these fun boardshorts.  They come in orange or cyan.
  2. CAMP RAMP MODVolcom Camp Ramp Mod guys boardshorts feature art by Michael Sieben which features a retro body and custom patch. From far away, it looks like someone built an awesome retro climbing wall using different styles and color wood prints. People will be jealous of these stylish boardshorts you’re wearing and totally wish they could be you.  These come in grey or brown.

“Modtech Collection" Volcom Boardshorts:

  1. PLAINO MOD–  Volcom Plaino Mod Guys Boardshorts have an all over plaid print with a bias waistband and circle stone appliqué.  This simple plaid design is so sleek and cool it makes any outfit pop.  You can totally wear these boardshorts with your favorite tee and hat, playing the cool kid at the park.  It comes in khaki or yellow.
  2. PLAIDYPUS MODPlaidypus Mod is another all over plaid print in a veebee body Volcom Guys Boardshorts. These boardshorts look like the cartoon section of the newspaper cut and mixed up to create a fun plaid design. It has a contrast appliqué, is made of 100% polyester supersuede, and comes in black, light blue, orange and grey.
  3. OPTIMATOR MODVolcom Optimator Mod guys boardshorts are the simple solid black boardshorts that are like the perfect pair of black pants, they go with everything!  Optimator have grid dry two way stretch front and back panels, and nylon supplex side panels with vee mesh insets.

“V.Co-Operative” Series Volcom Boardshorts:

  1. BRUCE ANNIHILATOR MODBruce Annihilator Mod is one of the Volcom stone mesh panel guys boardshorts. If you spill ink on these boardshorts it's okay, the ink spot will fit right in so you can’t get in trouble. They come in black, white, cyan, lime, and gold.
  2. DUSTY MOD- Volcom Dusty Mod guy boardshorts are so fun it’s almost like these boardshorts are jumping out of a black and white racing cartoon into reality.  Dusty have zip pockets and comes in orange, black, blue, lime and cyan. 
  3. DINGO 2 MODDingo 2 Mod is an engineered op art print Volcom guys boardshots. Dingo 2 are like 3-D checkers coming out of space.  It’s for those who love the far-out kind of stuff. The Dingo 2 Mod has no sideseam body but does have zip pockets, comes in white, lime, orange, and electric blue.

“Amphibuator” Collection Volcom Boardshorts:

  1. CHANNEL MODVolcom Channel Mod guys boardshorts have offset sideseams and laser cut mesh panels that looks amazing. There is a lot of fun designs that are light enough to miss at first but second look and you'll discover all the hidden designs. These shorts come in midnight green, black/charcoal, cyan, lime and black.
  2. PAINT SQUARE PRINT MODPaint Square Print Mod are Volcom guys boardshorts that have amusing painted art print of funky cool squares. It comes in black or bright blue which means it up to you how noticeable you want to show off these boardshorts.
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