Wakeboard Boat Accessories

You can wakeboard behind any boat if you want to, but with these wakeboard boat accessories you can really kick it up a notch. If you or your friends want to trick out your boat for the ultimate wakeboarding experience, try adding a wakeboard tower and some speakers. It may take some time and money to get all the accessories you want, but it will be worth it for a great day out on the water.

  1. Wakeboard boat towers. Adding a wakeboard tower can give the boarder the ability to get more air when they jump. When the rope is attached to a wakeboard tower instead of just the boat it pulls you up more and gives you a wider range. This in turn will give you more air.
  2. Wakeboard boat racks. Racks installed on a wakeboard boat will protect the wakeboard and your boat. A rack is used to store your wakeboard and keeps it off the floor. A rack give you more room in the boat and cold also keep your board from being damaged.
  3. Tower lights. Although wakeboarding after dark is not recommended, sometime you just can't make yourself stop. Lights mounted on a wakeboard tower light the way back to the dock.
  4. Tower mirrors. Mirrors installed on the tower of a wakeboard boat will give the driver a good view of what is going on behind them. With mirrors they can keep looking ahead while they drive, but not miss out on any of the action behind the boat.
  5. Speakers. What is a day out on the water without music. Attaching speakers to a wakeboard boat tower allows the music to play loud enough that you can hear it out on the water.
  6. Wake enhancers. You can use several different methods to make the wake bigger for wakeboarding. The most expensive option is buying a new boat, but you can also just buy inflatable bags called sacs and fill them with water. When these are put around the rear of the boat it will make it heavier so the wake is bigger.



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