Wakeboard Tower Accessories

Wakeboard tower accessories will increase your wakeboarding experience. The wakeboard tower attached to your boat is plain and unexciting; add a few accessories and the fun factor explodes. Many people misunderstand the wakeboard tower as a wakeboarding or wakeskating accessory, when in fact it is for your boat. These common accessories for your wakeboard tower are sure to enhance your boating experience

  1. Tower Speakers: As you might imagine there are numerous varieties and styles. The key here is that they should be waterproof and the mounting position. Take a look at the wakeboard tower and determine where you want your speakers mounted. Find the appropriate style and be sure to purchase an amplifier (that won’t overload the speakers) and appropriate wiring and harnesses for a successful installation.
  2. Tower Lights: Here a sailor could go wild. There are track lighting, spot lighting and stranded light systems available for wakeboard towers. Lights can be placed to shine internal to the boat and external. Ideally you want the low watt track lights inward and the larger wattage lights outboard. You can mix and spice things up with color lighting and low glow lights for mood enhancement during the dusk boat outings.
  3. Tower Racks: Serves the same as any racking systems for biking, surfing, skiing etc. The rack attaches to the wakeboard tower and allows the easy mounting of your wakeboard, skates or skis. The easy attachment makes putting it on a cinch and the equally simple strapping system ensures your gear a safe trip.
  4. Tower Covers: Nothing is sweeter than a little shade when playing atop the shimmering water. With the sun beating down and the water surface reflection a good cover is a welcomed accessory. Wakeboard tower covers come in a variety of colors and are easy to attach and remove for cleaning.
  5. Tower Mirrors: The final piece of the wakeboard tower accessories. The tower mirror enables you to keep an eye on your boarder and passengers as you also pay attention to what is in front of you. With an easy side clamp design the tower mirrors are easy to assemble and well with the few extra dollars.



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