Walking Pneumonia Symptoms

Since walking pneumonia may seem like a different and less serious illness, if you are feeling unwell you may want to learn about walking pneumonia symptoms so that you get the proper care if needed. Walking pneumonia is a form of real pneumonia, it's just a little less severe. Both are lung infections and both can cause similar reactions so it's good to know all about the various symptoms and how they may make you feel.

  1. Cough. One of the most common walking pneumonia symptoms is a cough. This type of coughing can be violent attacks and come upon a person quite frequently. However, coughing associated with walking pneumonia symptoms typically doesn't produce mucus in the same way that a cold does. In fact, there will be little mucus at all.
  2. Fever and chills. A person with walking pneumonia symptoms may experience chills and fever, which is similar to flu symptoms. This is why it is best not to self-diagnose because what you may think is the flu can be much more serious and need a doctor's care.
  3. Headache. A headache is a common symptom of walking pneumonia and will also feel similar to a flu headache. This, along with the other symptoms should be addressed. Alone, a headache can be anything but combined with everything else it can be pneumonia.
  4. Fatigue. A general sense of tiredness and fatigue is an extremely common symptom of walking pneumonia. Not only does fatigue last while the sufferer is ill but it can last long after the walking pneumonia symptoms are gone and the infection is cleared up.
  5. Sore throat. This is another symptom that may mask walking pneumonia symptoms. A sore throat can be easily dismissed by the sufferer because they think they simply have a cold or strep throat. Combined with the other symptoms it could very well be walking pneumonia.
  6. Ear infection, rash and/or anemia. These are less common walking pneumonia symptoms but they do arise in some cases. Like the other symptoms, a doctor should be seen if you are experiencing these.

Not only is walking pneumonia a very serious illness, it can remain hidden due to symptoms that are similar to a host of other health issues. If you do experience any of these symptoms and don't feel better in a few days you should seek medical attention in case they are walking pneumonia symptoms.

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