Walleye Fishing Bait

In order to catch the largest walleye, it is essential to use the right kinds of walleye fishing bait. Though there are specific types of bait that are preferred by walleye, you may still have to experiment with a variety of the items described below in order to find the bait that work best in the particular location in which you are fishing.

  1. Nightcrawlers. Nightcrawlers are not only one of the best types of fishing bait when it comes to catching walleye, but also is one of the cheapest and most readily available. Typically, nightcrawlers can be found through almost any fishing supply store, and if worst comes to worst, can even be found in a garden or yard.
  2. Crayfish. Crayfish are another great type of bait that appear to draw walleye fish like magnets. If you don't have access to live crayfish, consider using an imitation product. These items can be just as effective, and are much more cost-efficient.
  3. Soft plastic bait. Unlike the artificial forms of nightcrawlers or crayfish, these items aren't necessarily intended to look like a small fish or piece of fish food–but instead, are simply intended to get the attention of the walleye. Typically, when using these types of bait for walleye, it is best to select products that are brightly colored, and whose colors greatly contrast with each other. For example, soft plastic bait that is black and yellow or pink and blue are great examples of color combinations that can attract large walleye.



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