Walther Pistols

When you think of James Bond's pistol you are thinking of one of many Walther pistols, and for good reason. This award-winning company has remained on the leading edge of pistol development since 1886, and the company continues to break new ground. Walther is known internationally for its compact military and defense pistols, but in Germany and Europe the company is known for producing high quality competition pistols and rifles as well. These competition pistols have also reached the American market, so look for them at your local gun shop. Today you can find the classic pistol popularized by James Bond and the latest in polymer technology in the Walther line of pistols.

  1. PPK: This is the traditional James Bond pistol. A stainless steel frame and slide, this .380 ACP or .32 ACP pistol is easily concealable. For those of you with concealed-carry permits this may be a great backup pistol, or primary defense pistol if you feel good about the power of the round.
  2. PK380: Walther has updated the compact .380 pistol with a polymer frame, Like the PPK, this pistol has double/single action trigger, exposed hammer, and external thumb safety. Where it differs, other than the frame, is in the magazine release. Use your index finger or thumb to flip down the ambidextrous lever that adjoins the base of the trigger guard. With multiple options and a long lever, releasing the magazine is easy.
  3. P99: This was the first of the Walther polymer pistols. Since the film Tomorrow Never Dies, the P99 has been the sidearm of the James Bond character. Unique features include two trigger options, Anti-Stress, with a long trigger pull for the first shot and short trigger pull for following shots, and Quick Action, with a partially cocked striker completed by a short, consistent trigger pull. The P99 comes in both a duty-sized pistol and compact in both 9mm and .40 S&W. This was one of the first pistols to have interchangeable backstraps to fit the gun to both large and small hands.
  4. PPS: Walther designed a slim-line pistol for easy concealment in this popular handgun. In either 9mm or .40 S&W, this pistol packs power in a compact, concealable package. With interchangeable backstraps, this pistol maintains ergonomics while reducing size.
  5. P22: When designing a .22 caliber pistol to add to their line Walther built their pistol with the same ergonomics as their P99 pistol, making this a great gun for inexpensive defensive or tactical training.
  6. PPQ To create the fastest reset possible in the Walther line of pistols, this pistol has a 100% cocked striker. Reset is very short on this pistol as compared to either of the P99 trigger options. An extended ambidextrous slide stop replicates a high-quality H&K innovation. With an optional 17 shot magazine in 9mm, this packs the most firepower in the Walther line.
  7. SP22: Walther has introduced its bullseye competition pistol line to the US. This quality .22 caliber gun comes in several options including 4 and 6 inch barrels, fixed sights or optics rail, and a final model with a contoured wood grip for competition shooting.

Walther has maintained its position at the forefront of firearm innovation for over 100 years. Whatever Walther pistol you choose, you know you have a high quality firearm.

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