Warcraft 3 Cheats For Campaign

The maelstrom churns in the world of Azeroth sending the burning legion to all corners of the land, with Warcraft 3 cheats for campaign you can send the devils back with little effort. The Warcraft 3 storyline is a rich tale of struggle and survival with a hint of betrayal. If you haven’t played through this game and or you’re just revisiting it you can use the help of cheats to play through it and get the full effect of the game’s story.

  1. To play the Warcraft 3 campaign you need to have a CD and a CD key. You don’t need your original key to play the campaign, if you have lost it. There are some CD keys available online for free, but when you use them they might already be registered to someone else so you can’t use them online. You can always ask someone that’s not playing Warcraft 3 anymore for their CD key. You would be surprised how many people have just moved on to other games.
  2. After you have installed the game you can start to play Warcraft 3 cheats for campaign. When you put the CD into your computer it should start up automatically. After it has loaded up will see a little cinematic of an orc and a human battling, which is really awesome. After the cinematic is done you are then sent to the main menu of Warcraft 3.
  3. In the menu options you can play either a standard game, online game or the Warcraft 3 campaign. Choose the campaign option if you want to play the Warcraft 3 cheats for campaign and start to learn what happens to the orcs, night elves, humans and the scourge. You can play with the Warcraft 3 cheats for campaign if you’re in a tough spot or just want to blow through the game.
  4. Here are a few of the most important Warcraft 3 cheats for campaign:
  • Invincibility and one-hit kills – "whosyourdaddy"
  • Infinite mana – "thereisnospoon"
  • Continue playing after losing in campaign mode – "strengthandhonor"
  • Full map – "iseedeadpeople"
  • Instant victory – "allyourbasearebelongtous"
  • Instant defeat – "somebodysetusupthebomb"
  • Your and allies heroes are level 10 – "ihavethepower"
  • Food – "pointbreak"
  • Set time of day – "daylightsavings [hour]"

The Warcraft 3 cheats for campaign will help you through all your struggles in Azeroth and you will dominate it. All the cheats are for something different so if you don’t want to lose some of the strategy, you can use different ones to help you out were you are lacking. You can use the Warcraft 3 cheats for campaign in standard games as well to help you fight computers.

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