Warcraft 3 Multiplayer Cheats

Warcraft 3 is a very competitive game and when you know various Warcraft 3 multiplayer cheats this can give a huge advantage over your other opponents. Warcraft 3 is another one of Blizzard entertainment's online games. In this game players can use codes from previous games. There are a variety of multiplayer cheats that you can use to enhance your Warcraft 3 game playing experience. Here are a couple of cheats that will be sure to give your the extra advantage that you need over other players in the game.

  1. "pointbreak" Warcraft 3 multiplayer cheat. The game implements a food storage limit and this code takes that way. To use the code press "enter" and this will open up your cheat menu. Type in this code and once you are done hit "enter" once again. The words "cheat enabled" will pop up in the lower left hand side of your screen to show that the code has been activated.
  2. "sharpandshiny" Warcraft 3 multiplayer cheat. This code can be used to upgrade your level one units. To input the code use the same technique used in the strategy above.
  3. "iseedeadpeople" Warcraft 3 multiplayer cheat. This code will allow you to see the whole entire map instead of just some of it. This can easily be used to get the upper hand advantage on opponents in battle. When you enter the code enter it as it appears without any spaces.
  4. "strengthandhonor" Warcraft 3 multiplayer cheat. This cheat allows you to keep playing after you have already died in campaign mode. Normally once you died you would be out but this kind of gives you a second chance. Also enter this code without the use of any spaces.
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