Warped Tour History

The Warped Tour history goes back to 1995 at the start of Warped Tour.  It is a festival that presents a number of musical and extreme sports acts.  Often referred to as the Vans Warped Tour, the shoe manufacturer known within the extreme sports community has sponsored the event, with others, since its inception in 1995.

Initially Warped Tour simply included a number of contests with music and skateboarding.  It soon grew in 1998 to events in Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada, and the United States, marking its expansion internationally.  In the following year it started in New Zealand, adding another country.

Over the years Warped Tour grew into much more than musical and extreme sports acts.  It allowed for tents dedicated to the musical acts playing in the shows to sell products to fans.  Additionally, magazines, record companies, sponsors, and non-profit organizations were present in order to reach the audience at the Warped Tour.  Over the history of the Warped Tour, bands became typically more involved with the fans, often meeting with them to sign autographs.

One major development was the implementation of the "Warped Eco Initiative" (WEI).  This involves using biodiesel fuel in buses, the use of a solar stage, and compostable boxes.  The WEI also reaches out to children by offering prizes for recycling.

Beginning in 2009, the Warped Tour is using one main stage instead of two.  Forty minutes sets will be used instead of the thirty minute sets of the past.  Over the years the Warped Tour history has seen obstacles, such as criticisms of ticket prices and the band conflicts that can be seen since its inception in 1995.


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