Washington State Tourism Guide

Any Washington State Tourism Guide will include numerous national treasures. From lush parks and forests to wondrous waters, breathtaking mountains and beyond, Washington is home to much of the best of the great Northwest. Each travel destination offers gorgeous panoramic views, incredible flora and wildlife for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Olympic National Park would certainly be an addition to any Washington State tourism guide. Considered a wilderness sanctuary, it includes rainforest valleys, forests, meadows and glacier-capped peaks, among which a diverse array of plants and animals exist. Pacific Ocean beaches grace the perimeter of the 922,000 acres, making it perfect for hiking, cross-country skiing, backpacking and picnics. The Hurricane Ridge and Hoh Rain Forest feature trails, while Crescent Lake and Rialto Beach's shores are beautiful places to enjoy the sunsets.
  2. Grand Coulee Dam features a stunning laser light show. Surrounded by the Columbia River, this national treasure is a great place to go boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking and waterskiing. The Coulee Walls, Banks Lake, Lake Rufus Woods and Lake Roosevelt offer brilliant views of sunsets, making it a great destination for picnics and romantic getaways. Visitors can also enjoy the magnificent views from the cliffs by the many lakes. Grand Coulee Dam is a must-see destintation for any Washington State tourism guide.
  3. Mt. Rainier National Park in the Cascade Range, at 14,410 feet, is its highest volcano peak. Located in the Puget Sound Region, Mt. Rainier is landscaped with mountains, glaciers, valleys, a rainforest, mountain streams, alpine meadows, scenic trails and historic buildings. The beautiful cloud covers shadow the mountain peaks, while the Wonderland and Paradise Glacier Basin trails offer stunning places to hike through forests, meadows, rivers, alpine slopes and the tundra. This national treasure deserves to be in any Washtington State tourism guide.
  4. Ocean Shores would be included in any Washington State tourism guide. Offering a relaxing coastal vacation along its 6-mile peninsula into the Pacific Ocean, visitors enjoy boating, whale watching, fishing and having picnics at Duck Lake. Bikers are treated to the picturesque coast, while bird watching enthusiasts visit Damon Point State Park. Golfers can take advantage of the popular Ocean Shores Golf Course. Tourists and locals also enjoy waterfront people watching, dining and shopping.
  5. Mount St. Helens is a popular tourist destination and is a must-visit from any Washington State Tourism guide, with activities over 110,000-acres. The historic Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument is a great place to explore, featuring landscaped forests with miles of volcanic ash and rock. Visitors can often be seen hiking, fishing and mountain climbing. You can also check out the Johnston Ridge Observatory and Visitors Center near Castle Rock, to learn about the mountain’s renowned volcanic activity. The telescope allows for the public to view the grounds. Also featured are dramatic exhibits, films and discussions featuring the eruption from 1980.



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