Water Polo Conditioning Drills For Beginners

Water polo conditioning drills for beginners are integral for people who are learning the game of water polo and want to play efficiently over the course of the game. As many people know, water polo is an incredibly physically demanding sport, requiring strong swimming skills, especially the ability to tread water for extended periods of time. There are a number of different water polo conditioning drills that beginners can do on a regular basis to build up the muscles in their upper and lower bodies and ensure they are at least in shape to play a game of water polo.

  1. Egg Beater Drill. The egg beater drill is a water polo conditioning drill for beginners that helps new players to become good at moving in the water while using their arms above the surface. Beginner water polo players should line up at the side or end of the pool and place both hands on their end. Doing an egg beater kick under the water they should try to go as far as they can across the length of the pool. Once they can make it all the way to the other side without using their hands, they will be in the right shape to play water polo. Beginners should also practice doing this conditioning drill going both forwards and backwards.
  2. Treading Variations. This water polo conditioning drill for beginners will need a coach telling people what to do while they are in the water. It can be a whole team of beginners or just one person, but someone else will have to instruct them and work with them. The beginner water polo player should begin treading water and then follow instructions given of how to tread for an extended period of time. This includes elbows out of the water with their hands behind their neck, right arm extended then left arm extended, both arms extended, and spinning in a circle in the water until someone tells them to stop. This will condition water polo players to do a number of different things while they tread water during a game.
  3. Turn and Go. This water polo conditioning drill for beginners will train players how to swim and then stop and egg beater and then begin swimming again, as quickly as possible. Players should line up at one end of the pool and then begin to swim about five meters, before stopping and egg beatering for about five to ten seconds. They should repeat this over the entire length of the pool.
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