Water Polo Drills For College

Water polo is an extensive sport that requires speed, skill and unbelievable strength. At college level the competition is fierce with individuals in their prime looking to take home the collegiate awards or maybe even go pro. Get your team into gear for this water polo season with a few drills that will improve counter attack, threats and loose ball techniques.

Shooting. Divide your team into groups of six and have players at line 2 and 4 facing the goal. One player will shoot at a time and the shooting lines will alternate turns.  Have the first person in line 2 shoot the ball and then line 4 shoot the ball. They will continue to take turns until each has shot five times. Each player will pass the ball down the line until each player has had the opportunity to shoot the ball five times.

Loose Ball. This drill helps the team learn to position themselves in the water correctly and use their body to obtain loose balls. The coach will start with a bag of balls on the deck and each player will partner up with another player in front of them. Each player will face away from the coach and should be shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip in the water.  The coach will then toss the ball in front of two players and they must vie for the ball. Keep the consistency different so that players do not expect when the ball will come their way.

Passing and Shooting. Every team should have a full court drill in their arsenal for practice. This involves 12 players and 2 goalies with each goalie having extra balls to pass around. Each set of players will line up in front of the goal with four passers and one shooter in front of the goalie. Teammates will practice passing the ball to each other in different directions and ultimately getting the ball to the shooter for them to practice shooting. Have players rotate around so that each player has a chance to be in each passing position and each shooting position.



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