Water Polo Drills For High School

These water polo drills for high school are very, very important for conditioning and skills mastery. There are a host of water polo drills which can be done and each drill can only be effective if and when done by the player who needs to master the skill the drill is designed for. Before allowing your high school team to practice on these drills, remember that each drill achieves a specific skill.

  1. Stroke Variations Drill. This conditioning drill is quite effective in enhancing the swimming skills of the players. It is also a great warm-up exercise for distances of 200m, 400 and 800m. In this drill, the players swim the distance in a swimming medley of the following strokes: butterfly, backstroke, dog paddle, and the crawl stroke.
  2. Flag Drill. This drill will help develop the team’s attentiveness to the referee as well as their speed in responding to referee signals. In this drill the team starts in the middle of the pool, facing the coach who is at the end of the pool. Upon whistle blow, the coach points towards either left or right, where the players move towards that direction. When the coach points upwards, they will have to do the eggbeaters. The flag drill can be done for five sets in every practice. This will ensure those high school kids develop a high level of endurance on their water polo drills.
  3. Quick release shooting drill. This water polo high school drill is basically aimed at perfecting offensive techniques. The drill starts off with the team set up in an umbrella pattern around the goal except for the goalie and the two-meter man who are placed into position. The two-meter man passes the ball to any player, who catches the ball and immediately shoots it to the goal. The player who makes a good catch and shoots it immediately gets to stay in the game. The player who loses ball control is out. Meanwhile, the team can devise “punishments” for the goalie for every unsaved ball.
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