Water Polo Goalie Training Tips

The goalie is one of the most important positions on any team, which is why you're going to need these water polo goalie training tips. Water polo is extremely physically demanding, meaning that these water polo goalie training tips are tantamount to any team's success. Be sure to follow these water polo goalie training tips to ensure victory for your team in any situation!

  1. Work on the Egg Beater. Of all the swimming styles, the egg beater is the most essential to a water polo goalie. Every single drill that you run is going to involve using the egg beater swimming technique, so you're going to need to practice this until it becomes second nature. This is one of those water polo goalie training tips that requires a great amount of physical discipline.
  2. Work on Your Strength. In terms of players, the goalie needs to be the strongest on a water polo team. When you're out of the water, be sure to keep your arms and legs strong to be able to endure during long matches and heated battles near your net. This is one of the best water polo goalie training tips that we can give to newcomers and veterans alike.
  3. Watch Matches. It might seem a little passive, but one of the most intrinsic water polo goalie training tips we can tell you is to watch as much water polo as possible, paying particular attention to the goalie. You'll pick up on the subtle movements that they make and be able to apply them to your game. Moreover, you'll become more well-versed in the sport and be able to contribute more to the team in general.
  4. Want to Get Hit by the Ball. It might sound harsh, but the goalie is basically a bumper that stands between the ball and the goal. In this sense, one of the best water polo goalie training tips is to want to get hit by the ball as much as possible. If you spend a majority of the game trying to put your body in the way of the ball, you'll be surprised by how many goals you save. Go against your basic survival instinct and put yourself in harm's way!

As with any sport or exercise, be sure to only try out any of these water polo goalie training tips under the proper supervision of a coach or trainer. The last thing you'd want to do is seriously injure yourself while trying to become better at this amazing sport.

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