Water Polo Goalie Training Workout

Water polo goalie training workouts are very important for a water polo team. Although it only concentrates on a single player, the abilities of the goalie can make or break a team. It is one of the most difficult positions in sports, and one of the most indispensable. Let's face it. Your team wouldn't stand a chance without you saving their butts at the goal. So here are a few training workouts to keep yourself in tip-top shape.

  1. Beating Eggs: The eggbeater kick is the most important style you need to learn as a water polo goalie. You have to live, breathe, and move the eggbeater kick; every drill you do is going to be centered on this swimming technique. Perfect it. Work on the eggbeater until you have it down pat.
  2. Strength Training: Upper and lower body strength are the best friends of every water polo goalie. So, when training and working out, be sure to do exercises that develop these muscles for optimum performance. One such exercise is the leg press.
  3. Agility Exercises: A large part of your water polo goalie workout should be developing your agility in the water. While you are swimming, have somebody scream out directions to you, making sure that you change directions as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  4. Reflex Training: Reflexes are important for any goalie, and in water polo they are essential for your team's defense. Have a few teammates throw balls at you, one at a time and at varying speeds. Once you catch a ball, quickly throw the one you have in your hand back to your teammate and catch the other one.
  5. Endurance Training: Endurance is important for a water polo goalie, since a cramp could mean drowning or worse. Leg curls and squats are great for building up your muscle endurance, and should be a large part in any training workout.
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