Water Polo Swim Workouts For Beginners

These water polo swim workouts for beginners are important, as swimming ability is integral to whether or not you will be effective as a water polo players or not. Athletes must be able to swim constantly for almost an hour on end and still be able to fight off other players, shoot a water polo ball and stop and start constantly. The more a beginning water polo player practices swimming, the better suited they will be at playing water polo. A few basic work-outs for beginners are below, to start to get them in shape for the demanding sport of water polo.

  1. Sprinting workouts. As playing for at least five minutes straight as hard as you can is standard in most water polo games, it is important to build up stamina doing this. Beginning water polo swim workouts can entail a simple 400 meter freestyle swim sprint back and forth in a pool for seven to eight minutes straight. Beginners should try to do this four to five times over the course of an hour, with rests in between.
  2. Treading water for extended periods of time. Beginning water polo players should work on treading water for as long as possible. Start with five minutes straight. If you can do that, rest for a few minutes and then try to do ten minutes straight. Keep doing this until you have worked your way up to 30 to 40 minutes of treading water in a row. By then, you should no longer be a beginner water polo player.
  3. 12.5 yard sprints. A good water polo swim workout for beginners consists of short sprinting and stopping. Swim from one wall to the middle of the pool. Tread water for ten seconds. Then swim to another wall of the pool. As soon as you touch it, swim back to the middle of the pool. Tread water for another ten seconds. Do this ten times in a row before resting.
  4. Length of pool sprints with backstroke. A water polo swim workout for beginners will also concentrate on sprinting a certain distance and then combining a different stroke, as water polo players are often having to switch strokes mid-stream, so to speak. Sprint the length of the pool in a freestyle and then swim backstroke as fast as you can back. Try to do this for seven to eight minutes straight before resting.
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