Water Polo Training Equipment

Water polo is a team sport that requires players to pass a ball and score by getting the ball into the goal, so in order to play safely, water polo training equipment is needed. Though there is very little equipment needed, each piece is vital to being able to play the game properly.

  1. Water Polo Ball – The water polo ball is the most essential piece of equipment needed to play since the ball is what players are controlling and scoring with. The ball is made out of a waterproof, lightweight material that floats on top of the water, so players do not need to go diving to capture the ball. The surface of the ball has a specially designed texture to it for easy grip by players, which is important since the game is played in the water and wet things can be slippery and hard to hold. The ball is yellow, and in official games, the addition of a red, blue, green or black stripe is added.
  2. Water Polo Caps – The water polo cap is also an essential piece of equipment since all players must wear one. These are made to protect a player's head and ears while in the pool, which is important. The colors will vary in order to give players a way to locate their team mates in the pool. All players on the same team will wear the same color of cap, while the goalie will wear a different color in order to allow players to differentiate the goalie from other team mates.
  3. Water Polo Swimwear – Water polo swimwear will vary between men and women's teams. Men water polo swimwear consist of something similar to a Speedo. Women players will wear a one piece swimsuit with straps. Most of the one piece swimsuits women wear have zipper backs, and each men and women suits will vary in color depending on the team they are on.
  4. Water Polo Mouth Guards – Water polo mouth guards are to be worn in order to keep players safe. The mouth guards are worn in order to keep the player's teeth safe while playing the game, and since they come in a variety of sizes, each is sized to fit a player's mouth.
  5. Water Polo Goals – Water polo goals are needed in every game, and one is set at each end of the pool. These are made out of stainless steel tubing, with nylon netting for the goal section. The colors of the netting can change with colors like red, blue, yellow and white. These goals float on the surface of the water, with stands to give it support.
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