Water Polo Training Exercises For College

Water polo training exercises for college athletes should focus on one thing: Making you stronger. Water polo is a very physically demanding sport. And the stronger you are, the more of an advantage you will have over your opponents. Here are some tips that will help you focus on the right water polo training exercises.

  1. You need strong legs. Strong legs are probably the greatest asset a college water polo player can have. In fact, many believe that the strength of the legs will be the determining factor in how good a water polo player you are. So any exercise you can do to make your legs stronger, whether it’s running or doing squats, will be beneficial. How attached are you to your car? Well, riding a bike every once in a while would be a great workout for your legs.
  2. Do more “pulling exercises” than “pushing exercises.” Water polo players also need strong arms, so they should spend a lot of time doing arm strengthening exercises. However, for every set of “pushing exercises” (like bench presses or push ups) you do, you should do two or even three sets of “pulling exercise" (which include pull ups and chin ups.) But, don’t neglect pushing exercises completely. They will help keep your shoulders strong and healthy.
  3. Master the eggbeater. Here is a sport specific water polo exercise. As you may know, the eggbeater is the swimming stroke water polo players use to keep their bodies upright in the water. And you don’t have to be in the water to practice these motions. Go and sit down on the edge of a strong chair. Hold out your right leg and spend a few minutes moving it (from the knee) in a circular, counter clockwise motion. Repeat the process with your left leg, moving it in a circular, clockwise motion. Now try moving both legs (the right in a counter clockwise circle, the left in a clockwise circle) at the same time, making sure they don’t bump together. Doing this water polo exercise “on dry land” will help to make your legs stronger. It will also make your eggbeater more effective when you’re actually in the water.
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