Water Polo Workout Routine

Water Polo workout routines vary between workouts that are in the water and out of the water, helping to improve strength and technique for when water polo players actually play in games. It is important for those who are training for serious water polo games to stick to one particular workout routine so that they can build up the strength to be in the correct physical condition to play good water polo. By following the water polo workout routine below, aspiring water polo players will be able to build the strength they need to play effectively.

  1. Dry Land Warm-Up. Before getting into this water polo workout routine, or any water polo workout routine for that matter, you should do a fifteen minute dry land warm-up. This consists of stretching out your arms by rotating them in a circle, pulling each arm across your body to stretch out your deltoid and lat muscles, neck stretches which lengthen your trapezius muscles and small exercises like dips or reverse shrugs that warm up your triceps and other arm muscles. Kneeling or lying on the ground and twisting and stretching your body slowly is also a good way to lengthen your body before the water polo workout. You should do a variation of these dry land warm-ups for at least fifteen minutes before really beginning your water polo workout.
  2. Strength Training. Once you are properly warmed up strength training will help you to build the proper muscles to be prepared to play the physically taxing game of water polo. Strength training water polo workout routines consist of goblet squats, which entails holding a heavy barbell and sitting down in a chair and standing back up again. Chin-ups are also important for water polo workout routine strength training, as are push-ups. Doing 25 chin-ups and 100 push-ups should be the goal of each water polo strength training workout routine.
  3. Treading Water. As treading water is something that you will have to do regularly throughout every water polo game you play, it is integral to the water polo workout routine. You should hop into the pool and tread water for at least ten to fifteen minutes to end each workout before you stretch. Try to work up to 30 minutes of treading water straight.
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