Water Ski Gear Essentials

The below water ski gear essentials are the basics which must be had in order to enjoy the feel of skimming over the water on skis. Costs of these water ski essentials can differ from store to store but, for the best prices, try shopping the internet. Look particularly to the auction sites for the best prices on most of these water ski essentials.

  1. It's pretty obvious but the first essential to a water skiing experience is, well, the boat to pull the skier. A water ski boat doesn't have to be fancy, just powerful. In fact, one of the most fun water ski boats to use is a jet ski. Note though: in order to be legal, the jet ski must be a three seater – one seat for the driver, one seat for the spotter, and a seat for the skier.
  2. Unless you're planning on going water skiing barefoot, you'll need a good pair of water skis. Choose from combination skis, slalom skis, trick skis, or jump skis, depending on what type of skiing you prefer.
  3. If you're going to be skiing in chilly weather, you'll probably be most comfortable clothed in a wet suit. Purchase the best quality wet suit you can afford as, when properly cared for, a good wet suit can last for years.
  4. And, finally, you'll need a tow rope and a comfortable handle. If you're a recreational skier, a handle made of injection-molded rubber or a plastic grip will probably due. But, if you plan on doing more competitive water skiing, you might want to invest in a higher performance handle such as an aluminum bar handle that has a soft and comfortable rubber material around it. Note: since the performance water skiing handle is hollow, after a while, it will sink making it difficult to retrieve. No matter which handle you prefer, make sure to try a few in your hand as they come in different diameters.
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