Water Ski Poles For Men

Before you hit the water, learn about the best water ski poles for men. The right equipment will keep you from falling on your face in front of the ladies, and if you hit the water wrong, leaving your shorts at one end of the lake while you’re at the other. The right water ski poles will help you keep your balance while impressing everyone with your skills.

  1. Bass boat fixed height water ski pylon. What makes this one of the best water ski poles for men is its ability to adjust in height. Too tall, and you’re dragged off your balance. Too low, and you’re dragged onto your face.
  2. 29” fixed height pylon. This is one of the best water ski poles for men because it allows most anyone to ski, even your sweetie. No adjustment is needed when changing skiers, meaning you spend more time having fun in the water than with tools.
  3. Pro ski pylon. This series of pylons are the best water ski poles for men because they’re made for strength, with a swivel head that allows the rope to move with the skier. The 45” height allows the pole to mount to the deck for even greater strength.
  4. Adjustable pro ski pylon. This pole mounts onto the deck instead of the aft railing. The telescoping height allows not only different height skiers, but for trick skiing, such as pyramids. This truly is one of the best water ski poles for men.
  5. Barefoot international bass boat ski pylon. Attach it to the to the aft railing. Your fishing boat is now a skiing boat. You can fish in the morning, and take the family skiing in the afternoon. You don’t have to have a speed boat to watch the kids have fun.
  6. Swivel ease, runabout ski pylon. This is among the best water ski poles for men. Mounting on the deck, the 1 ½” diameter post with a swivel head will allow all but the heaviest skier to take to the waves. Of course, if you and your girl want to ski side by side, this is the pole for you.
  7. Attwood corporation 903 009 S fixed height ski. The swivel head lets you ski like the pros. The deck-mounted, stainless steel pole features a six- inch base, allowing the stress to distribute over a greater area. No skier can bend this pole.
  8. The ski tow hitch pylon. When the mount must be made through the deck to the transom itself, this is the water ski pole to use. Fly across the waves at top speed with this pole keeping the rope safe. This is perfect for trick skiers and was made for jet boats.
  9. Starcraft 42 ½” boat ski pylon.  This does double duty on your deck. Sporting a fixed point for your tow rope, it’s strong enough to become a deck ladder, should the situation present itself. You can drape towels, bathing suits and more over the rail while you rest and have a cool one.
  10. Sea-doo retractable ski pylon. This pylon sports built-in spotter grab rails, and retracts down when not in use. Adjust to any size skier. This pole requires mounting by a boat shop, but when you’re going for the best, no “un-handy man” job will do.
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