Water Ski Repair Tips

If you are already contemplating to get into the water to ski but could not do so because of a damaged water ski, these water ski repair tips may be able to help you. There's no need to buy a new water ski when you can repair minor damages with these water ski repair tips.

  1. Identify what needs to be repaired. Scratches are easy to repair at home, while ski binding repair can be pretty tricky. It can also be dangerous to repair bindings by yourself, since the strength of the bind may be compromised. It is prudent to know the extent of the damage of your water ski before deciding whether you can do it yourself or ask a professional to make the repair.
  2. Use the exact materials for your water ski. Skis are made with either soft or hard materials; therefore, when buying parts, always take into consideration buying parts that are made of similar materials as the damaged original part.
  3. Board repair material usually uses extruded Ptex. The base of a water ski is usually made of sintered or extruded Ptex. The extruded Ptex is usually used to fix the gouges on the ski board or base. Water ski repair experts have high praises for these materials. However, if the area to be repaired is within the base but along its side touching the steel where the gouge is located, use copolymer instead, as it adheres to the steel better.
  4. Do not drill holes on stripped screw holes. Use plugs instead to hammer them to the hole, and use brass inserts on the stripped holes. An alternative is to use lead solder in the hole and lightly tap it to fit into the hole and in place.
  5. Keep a quick fix handy. There are some quick fixes suitable for minor scratches.  A Ptex candle has been gaining buzz among the water ski repair shops and skiers alike. This quick fix can repair minor scratches but it is still recommended to have your water ski examined by an expert to ensure that the water ski is safe and ready to use.
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