Water Ski Tricks For Beginners

If you have managed to get up and stay up behind the boat on water skis, you may be ready to try these water ski tricks for beginners. Before you start trying to get fancy when you water ski, you want to make sure you fell comfortable just hanging out behind the boat. Once you feel like you are ready for more you can start kicking things up.

  1. Go outside the wake. This is one of the first basic water ski tricks you'll need to learn. Just press down on the ski on the side you want to move towards. If you move your body a little towards the same side, you'll find yourself moving over. When you get to the wake make sure you keep the momentum going so you don't get caught with one ski on one side of the wake and the other on the other side of the wake. This will ensure a face plant.
  2. Cross both wakes. You'll need a little speed before you give this water ski trick a try. Go outside the wake and push yourself as far over as you can. It helps if the boat is going around a corner. Turn your body and your skis so you are heading back in, and cross all the way over to the other side of the boat.
  3. Jump the wake. Once you have mastered the simple water ski tricks, you can try adding a jump when you cross both wakes. Use the wake to lift you up as you cross over and land back down on both skis.
  4. Drop a ski. Once you are comfortable on two skis, you can add some difficulty to your water ski tricks. Dropping a ski is the start of skiing on one ski. Make sure you keep one boot loose so you can work your foot out. Get your balance on one ski while you have just your toe in the second ski. When you are balanced, let it go and put your foot in the back boot.
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