Water Skiing Accessories

A list of water skiing accessories helps the vacationer to prepare for fun in the sun, surf and behind a boat. Whether it is a slalom waterskiing adventure or a tandem tow, there are basic must-have items that make the sport a lot more fun. Seeing that speeds can reach almost 120 mph, it stands to reason that some water skiing accessories are designed strictly for safety reasons.

  1. Gladiator Pro Champ handle with 75 feet of line. An aluminum core makes the handle so lightweight that it floats. Finger protectors assist with keeping gloved and bare hands safe from the rushing waters. Color coding on the rope takes the guesswork out of distance.
  2. Kwik Tek self-centering tow harness. With 5,000 pounds of tensile strength and 12 feet of length, this harness is useful for pulling tandem water-skiers. The extra length makes this one of the water skiing accessories that is perfect for larger and more powerful boats.
  3. Neo Skins glove. Termed an all-weather glove, the neoprene material and rubberized grip in the palm area ensures a secure and comfortable grip on the rope handle. A wrist strap prevents accidental slippage.
  4. Airhead water ski rope. A slightly shorter line, this 60-foot long rope is manufactured from 12 solid strands for maximum strength. The take-off length is 15 feet, which virtually guarantees this rope’s inclusion not just in water skiing accessories lists but also the must-have items for wake-boarders. Spring hook and handle float are included.

Choose water skiing accessories based on the power of the boat, the skill level of the water skier and the maximum potential load that will be towed. Err on the side of caution and trust in bigger, longer and stronger items.

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