Water Skiing Tricks For Beginners

These water skiing tricks for beginners are something you can try once you feel comfortable behind the boat. As you get the feel for the water and the skis, you can have the driver increase the speed of the boat so you can try some water skiing tricks and improve your technique. Make sure there is a spotter in the boat in case you take a dive while trying out new tricks.

  1. Take a ride outside the wake. If you are done just hanging out behind the boat, you can try water skiing out of the wake. Just press down on your left or right ski depending on what way you want to go and angle your body a little to head out. You want to get some momentum going so you don't get caught with one ski out and one ski in.
  2. The Whip. If you like speed, this is one of the water skiing tricks your should try. Have the driver of the boat do a sharp turn. Head outside the wake and push yourself out as far as you can go. If the boat is in a sharp enough turn you can wave to the people in the boat as you ride out and end up right beside them.
  3. Jump the wake. Once you are comfortable going in and out of the wake, try adding some air. This is one of the water skiing tricks you can try after you have added some speed. Head all the way out on one side and then turn and head back in. Once you hit the wake, bend your knees and jump up as you go over. Work on making it all the way over to the other side of the wake.
  4. Drop a ski. If you are ready to bring your water skiing tricks to a new level, try dropping a ski. Once you get up, work your foot out of one of your skis. Keep your toe in as you get your balance, and then pull your whole foot out and put it in the back boot of the ski.
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