Waterski Racing Tips

These waterski racing tips are essential if you are looking into joining a competition. This is to ensure your safety as the skier and to keep you in tune with the game proper. Most skiers do a lot of preparation before entering into a competition. They absorb all necessary suggestions and advice to make sure that they are able to finish the game win or lose.

  1. Have an organized ski race team. A waterski racing team will have to consists of a boat driver, an observer and a skier. The driver will pull the skier with the speed varying according to water conditions and the communication between the driver, the observer and the skier. It is then important that communication is open and that signals from the skier are well understood by the observer. 
  2. Estimate the most suitable length of the ski line. This will depend on the strength and power of the boat you are skiing behind. Good communication is still important at this point as the aim for choosing the right length is to avoid slacking of the line or for it dipping into the water. The observer should be giving out the right signals to the driver so that he knows if you are skiing on the best water behind the boat.
  3. Understand the wrapped position. Knowing and practicing this technique will allow you to transfer the strain and the pressure from the arms and lower back to the upper legs. This position uses two handles that go around your body held together by one arm. Your body would look like sitting on the harness while your other hand is holding on a third handle. 
  4. As a skier, you should always be physically fit. Know that skiing requires a lot of strength and it requires an excellent stamina to endure the pressure of the race.
  5. Observers need to have total concentration. Messages should be relayed spontaneously and reliably from the driver to the skier and vice versa. The observer should also be able to read the skier for optimum performance.
  6. The driver can make the difference in the race. Listening to the observer and his judgment on speeding boat to the line of direction can pull the team to victory. However, water ski racing still entails teamwork and strategies that have to be taken in consideration.
  7. Plot a strategy within your team. Teamwork is essential to win the race so prior to entering the game it is important to exercise and practice as a team so that mistakes can be corrected and new strategies can be drawn out.
  8. Join waterski racing clubs. Mingling with fellow skiers, observers and drivers is a way of getting a free advice over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Fellow drivers can give an advice or two regarding modifications needed in your boat. Skiers can have the opportunity to get some tips on new positions and techniques to lower stress and increase physical abilities in the race. Observers can get new ideas on how to coach the skier and relay important messages to the driver. Additional information and other waterski racing tips are readily accessible from professionals mingling in these clubs. 
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