Wayne Rooney Scandal

The Wayne Rooney scandal can actually be broken up into two separate incidents involving prostitutes, one of which happened in 2004, while the other happened in 2009. Rooney is a huge star in the world of English soccer, and his two scandals generated a lot of press interest. In both Wayne Rooney scandal cases, the situations were aggravated by the fact that he was in a long-term relationship or married to a woman named Colleen McLaughlin—now Colleen Rooney.

The first Wayne Rooney scandal involved a series of incidents with several different prostitutes in 2004. At the time when these happened, the lovely Colleen was only his girlfriend, but they were in a very serious relationship. One of the prostitutes in the first Wayne Rooney scandal turned out to be a grandmother near the age of fifty. Colleen forgave him for his misbehavior, and he promised to change his ways, but apparently he found that more difficult to do than he expected.

The second Wayne Rooney scandal involved a longer and more intimate relationship with a single prostitute named Jennifer Thompson for about four months. During that time, their relationship went from being a purely professional sexual servicing to being something a bit more serious, although Rooney apparently never stopped paying her for her services.

During the second Wayne Rooney scandal, Colleen, who was his wife by this point, was actually pregnant, and this outraged the public. The general sense of outrage was further exacerbated by the fact that Rooney apparently made no attempt to cover up his behavior, bringing the woman with him to parties, and generally flaunting his infidelity. Somehow, Rooney was able to convince his wife to stay with him after this, although at the time, reports suggested he was very worried she would leave him. 

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