Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget

If you're pondering ways to eat healthy on a budget, it is possible, but these strategies include some thinking and planning. You don't have to break the bank, shop at specialty stores, or buy expensive organic foods to enjoy healthy foods. Changing your grocery buying and cooking strategy is all it takes.

  1. Buy bags instead of boxes. When possible, choose bagged foods over boxed foods. Food manufacturers and distributors spend a lot of money on packaging and advertising to draw you in. Don't fall for it. If you like rice, buy the 5-lb. bag rather than the pre-seasoned box. You can often get them for around the same price but the bag will last you much longer. Other foods that can be purchased in a bag instead that will help you eat healthy on a budget are beans, cereals, butcher meat, and vegetables.
  2. Shop twice a week. There is a sacrifice for saving money on groceries-it takes more time to eat healthy on a budget. Shopping twice a week will allow you to purchase fresh produce and waste less. Don't buy more than you will eat in a few days. If you do, you will waste the food; wasted food is money lost.
  3. Cook every Sunday. At the end of the week, gather the vegetables you didn't finish or that are starting to go bad faster than expected, cut them up, and throw them in a pot. Using all your vegetables at the end of the week will help you eat healthy on a budget.  Add some chunks of beef or chicken and bullion cubes, and let it cook for a few hours. You can use a slow cooker if you have one.
  4. Buy a food saver system. If you always end up with left-overs but don't like to eat the same food two days in a row, you can use a food saver to keep the left overs fresh to help you eat healthy on a budget. There are many different systems and brands to choose from. To use a food saver system, you place the food in a bag, then allow the machine to suck the air out and seal the bag. You can freeze the food or put it back in the fridge. This is great for your Sunday stew.
  5. Don't buy diet foods. The special low-calorie snacks, shakes, and other heavily processed and packaged foods aren't as healthy as they advertise and cost way too much. If you like snacks but want to eat healthy on a budget, buy the off-brand large bags. Store the bags in an airtight container to keep them fresh longer.



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