Ways To Pass A Drug Test

It is interesting to know that there are different ways to pass a drug test. If you are about to take a drug test and want to come out with a clean result, this information will provide you some tricks on ways to pass a drug test.  

  1. Take note on what kind of a drug test you will undergo. The most common drug testing methods are urine, hair, and saliva testing. Each drug testing will require different ways on passing the test therefore you should know first which type of drug testing method you will undergo.
  2. A urine drug test will analyze samples of urine for traces of drug metabolites. To pass a urine drug test, the easiest way would be to use a urine substitute kit. They are sold in the market in the form of a powdered urine kit. It is simple to use and can easily substitute your urine sample to pass the drug test. Diluting the urine sample can also be used to reduce the drug concentration from the urine. If you choose this method make sure to use warm water for dilution since the temperature of the urine is also noted during the test. You can also take detoxifying drinks to wash out drug metabolites from your system. Drinking plenty of fluids can also do the trick. Home remedies that you can use as agents in altering the drug concentration from the urine samples are vinegar, table salts, hand soaps, eye drops, and lemon juice.
  3. A hair drug test takes samples of hair follicles where toxins and traces of drugs may be detected. The use of commercial products for detoxifying hairs can help remove these toxins and drug metabolites from the hair follicles by coating the hair strands with organic films that make detection of drugs difficult. You can also make use of some natural hair detoxifier using baking soda, vinegar and sea salt to wash hair toxins to pass a hair drug test.
  4. You may need to skip taking drugs few days before a saliva drug test. This drug testing method is often difficult to cheat but you can pass detection by collecting the samples yourself. You will be required to collect saliva using a collection pad from between your cheeks and gums. You can fake doing this by rubbing the pad on your teeth instead. Commercially made mouth wash that can get rid of chemicals in the saliva are available in the market. Make use of them few minutes before the saliva testing when such is conducted under direct supervision of the drug tester.
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