Ways To Throw A Bowling Ball

There are several different ways to throw a bowling ball. First, it is helpful to understand the markings, which are arrows and dots, on the bowling lane before throwing the first bowling ball. Beginning bowlers should have a good understanding of a basic throw. To become a better bowler, new techniques for throwing a bowling ball will be necessary to improve a bowler’s game and average.

  1. Arrows and Dots. The arrows are guidelines that help a bowler aim for the pins. Arrows are fifteen feet down a 60 foot bowling lane. The center arrow lines up with the center pin, the next arrow to the right lines up to the three pin, the next arrow to the right lines up to the six pin, and the next right arrow lines up to the 10 pin. The arrows on the left side of the center arrow, starting with the arrow next to the gutter, lines up with the two pin, the next arrow to the right lines up with the four, and the next arrow to the right lines up with the seven pin.  Use the arrows on the lane to aim for a specific pin by pointing the bowling ball at the corresponding arrow before throwing the ball. A row of dots are at the edge of the bowling lane and make up the foul line. This is the line you must not step over while bowling to avoid crossing over into the lane.
  2. Basic throw. To throw a basic bowling ball insert fingers into the drilled holes. Fingertip bowling balls allow fingers to be inserted to the first knuckle. Conventionally drilled bowling balls allow fingers to be inserted to the second knuckle. Insert your fingers and thumb into the holes and hold the ball with your throwing hand under the bottom of the bowling ball. Raise the ball chest high, aim, slide, and throw straight.
  3. Hook the bowling ball. Insert fingers in the bowling ball to second knuckle. Place the other hand on the side of the ball. Spread the index finger out from the middle finger. Cup the wrist slightly, reach out like you are about to shake hands so your wrist is slightly to the side of the ball, aim, step, and release. For throwing more of a hook, use a fingertip bowling bowl with shallow drilled holes that allow fingers to be inserted to just the first knuckle.
  4. Fingertip Ball. A fingertip can be thrown with a fingertip bowling ball or a conventional bowling ball. The difference between the two bowling balls is the depth of the drilled holes. Insert two fingers in the holes to the first knuckle only then insert the thumb into the drilled hole, aim, step, and throw.  Throwing a fingertip ball allows for more lift on the bowling ball, better control and is credited with increasing a bowler’s average.
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