We Are Young Money Tracklist

The "We Are Young Money" tracklist appeared on rap supergroup Young Money's 2009 debut album. The record contained fifteen compilation tracks from artists such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, Gudda Gudda, Tyga, Lil Streetz, and Shanell. Rap superstar Lil Wayne started the Cash Money records spinoff group in 2005. Young Money's album "We Are Young Money" debuted in December of 2009. Here are the five best songs from the "We Are Young Money" tracklist.

  1. "Girl I Got You" – Rapper Nicki Minaj shows off her skills on this song from the "We Are Young Money" tracklist. Guesting with several of the other young male rappers in the group, Minaj shines as the lone female rapper on the album.
  2. "Play In My Band" - This song on the "We Are Young Money" tracklist is one of the few times we get to hear singer Shanell on the album. She sings the hook on this track over an electric guitar riff.
  3. "Roger That" – Since it's difficult to tell which rapper is on the mic on this album, it's the beat that really sets this track apart on the "We Are Young Money" tracklist. A medium-paced synthesized beat on this song adds a bit of speed to an otherwise slower-tempo album.
  4. "Ms. Parker" – An uptempo beat and a heavily auto-tuned chorus distinguishes "Ms. Parker" on the "We Are Young Money" tracklist. Lil' Wayne sings the chorus on this track, as he does for most of the album.
  5. "Steady Mobbin" – Featuring the vocal stylings of Gucci Mane, "Steady Mobbin" is yet another good song off the "We Are Young Money" tracklist. This song actually debuted in July, nearly six months before the compilation album was released.



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