Weapon Cheats For Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising

Weapon cheats for Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising are easy to use. If you know what these are then you can make are the game really fun. You have to know what the cheats are all about before you can start. Let's begin by looking at how to get the cheat codes entered into your game.

  1. “Ambush” cheat  is the first of the weapon cheats for Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising, which we will discuss. The first thing that you need to do is to go to main menu of the game. Then open the “bonus The codes” section of the menu.  Now, type in the following cheat. Delete. All in “AmbushU454”. Once you hit enter, you will be able to use this cheat over and over again as long as you have it active. It remains active as long as you save the game. If you have auto-save enabled, then your game will have this cheat available whenever you want. It allows you to have the advantage in an ambush.
  2. Encampment” cheat is another handy cheat to have in your arsenal. Repeat the process of enabling cheats, then type in  “OFPWEB1”into the cheat menu. When you hit enter the cheat is enabled and now you are able to have an encampment arsenal of weapons. This is one of those weapon cheats Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising  that allows you the upper hand in your weapons. You will have the weapons that you need for your encampment.
  3. “Night Raid” cheat is one sheet that you simply must have in your arsenal. You enable this cheat by opening the cheat menu, then enter in the cheat field "RaidT 18Z." It allows you to have the ability to have weapons for a night raid any time that you like. These weapon cheats for Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising really come in handy when you want the advantage of the opposition.
  4. "Coastal Stronghold Cheat” is one that you want to use when you are dealing with the opposition on the coast. You will have your hands, and be able to gain the advantage over the opposition as they approach your position by giving you the weapons advantage over the enemy. You enable this cheap by typing in the following code into the cheat menu “StrongM577." Once engaged, you are the one in charge now. This is one of the best of the weapon cheats for Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising as you play through battle.
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