Weezer Discography

Remember the best of the 90s and the worst of today with the Weezer discography. Back in the day Weezer could do no wrong. They managed to blend pop sensibilities and brooding introspective lyrics into a formula that would endear them to a generation. But as the 90s began to fade, everyone’s favorite indie rock band began the slow downward spiral into middle age that left them a shadow of their former brilliance.

  1. “Weezer” (1994)-In 1994 Weezer’s self titled album hit the video and air waves like a monkey. The Spike Jonze directed the “Happy Days” inspired video “Buddy Holly”  become one of the most talked about videos of its time. Much like the video, the song “Buddy Holly” is a send up on the misguided nostalgia about days gone by and the way it never was. The debut album in the Weezer discography was a non stop hit parade that went on to include “Undone–The Sweater Song” and the brooding “Say It Ain't So”.
  2. “Pinkerton” (1996)- The second part of the Weezer discography takes a slightly darker take than “Weezer”. Singer/songwriter Rivers Cuomo hit the depressed and lonely rock star theme early and hard with “Tired of Sex”. Rivers loosely details his exploits with groupies and laments over whether he will ever find true love. “Across the Sea”,”The Good Life” and “Pink Triangle” deal with wondering about ones place in the world and loneliness. “Pinkerton” wasn’t as big of a commercial success as “Weezer”, but it further endeared Weezer to a fan base of high school and college kids that were feeling the same things.
  3. “Weezer” (2001)- Also known as “The Green Album”, the third installment in the “Weezer” discography is probably the harshest album in the “Weezer” discography. No, they don’t go hard core metal or anything, but “Hash Pipe” is a blistering fast paced song that ditches Weezer’s trademark introspection for a brief interlude into the mouth of madness.
  4. “Maladroit” (2002)- Die hard fans will say that “Dope Nose" and “Keep Fishin” brilliantly continue Weezer's tradition of writing catchy, upbeat, introspective songs. Those who are not devotees may hear this album as a group of aging men trying to hang on to their teenage fan base.
  5. “Make Believe” (2005)-The closer you get the end of the Weezer discography, the sadder the albums seem to get. The song “Beverly Hills” is all about how the band wishes they were as sparklie clean as the people that live in Beverly Hills, which is all well and good until you realize that this band has made more than enough cash to live the life they are supposed to be pining for.
  6. “Weezer” (2008)- Affectionately known as “The Red Album” for the red album cover, it is at this point in the Weezer discography that it seems like they are running out of names for albums and ideas for cover art. This is the first time that Weezer made one of their singles available strictly on iTunes. The song was also available for download for “Rock Band”. As awesome as it was to see such a huge band embracing technology, it picks up on the slow death spiral of mediocrity that “Make Believe” left off with.
  7. “Raditude” (2009)-At this point in the Weezer discography, they don’t even seem like they’re trying. Leaving the horrible album title out of it, the lead single “I Want You To” was a sad sorry attempt to catch the ear of a younger audience with a pop sound and lyrics about meeting some chick's parents for the first time. If they had written this song back in 1994, it probably would have been better received because both the band and the audience would have been in a place for the song to make sense, but writing about this at 35 is lame boarding on creepy.
  8. “Hurley” (2010)- You know it’s the beginning of the end when a band that was once capable of writing amazing heart felt and catchy songs is debuting their single “Memories” on the “Jersey Shore” and naming the album after characters on “Lost”.
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