Weezer Lyrics

Weezer lyrics are inspiring and thought provoking. The lead singer, Rivers Coumo, in his time with Weezer, brought the past and present together in his lyrics. Some of the songs will bring on a thought of nostalgia while others make you think about the current situation you are in. Often times, Weezer lyrics make you think while still being very playful at the same time. Here are five of the best Weezer lyrics.

  1. "On an island in the sun we'll be playing and having fun and it makes me feel so fine." This line from "Island in the Sun" is one of the most memorable lyric in all of Weezer's catalogue. The lyrics are euphoric and make you think of love and the peace of being alone. It is simple and fun but makes the audience smile.
  2. "Oo-ee-oo I look just like Buddy Holly. Oh- oh and you're Mary Tyler Moore." This is from the song "Buddy Holly." It is a song that plays on historic pop figures and makes the audience think. It is a song that is one that makes the audience feel nostalgic. It is playful and has an up tempo beat that makes the melody easy to listen to.
  3. "I'll eat my candy with pork and beans. Excuse my manners if I make a scene. I ain't gonna wear the clothes that you like." This is from the song "Pork and Beans." It is a song about not being a conformist and following what society tells you. Rivers is exemplifying the uniqueness that is his personality and who he is. This is something that rings strong in the Weezer fan base. Their musical styling is unique and original just like the people who listen to them.
  4. "Debt on my head. Wasting time on my own. Sleep, rescue me take me back to my home." This is from the song "Dope Nose". It is a song about wanting to get away. Get away from debt, get away from stress, and the pressures of life. It is a song that speaks to the nine to five worker. A person that just needs to escape.
  5. "Where I come from isn't all that great. My automobile is a piece of crap. My fashion sense is a little whack. And my friends are just as greedy as me." This is from the song "Beverly Hills." It is a song about wanting more than what you have. It is about reaching for the stars trying to be a star. It speaks to the American Dream. Come from little and rise up to bigger and better things and get what you did not have growing up.
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