Weird Diseases

These weird diseases are not only odd, they are extremely rare. Because of their rarity, even seasoned physicians may have trouble diagnosing weird diseases. Treatment may be difficult due to the fact that very few specialists know how to properly deal with the weird diseases.

  1. Morgellons Disease. Morgellons Disease is not only strange, it is quite controversial. This weird disorder is characterized primarily by skin rashes and sores. Suffers also complain that they feel that insects are crawling, biting and stinging on and under their skin. What makes it perplexing is the presence of fibers and threads in and on the skin.

  2. Gigantism. Often caused by a benign tumor in the pituitary gland, the condition results in an overabundance of growth hormone. This results in the abnormal development of not only the height and weight, but also the organs of suffers. The condition has also been known to cause a delay in puberty and excess sweating.

  3. Pica. Pica is an eating disorder. Those with this affliction are compelled to eat things which have no nutritional value. Clay, dirt and even paint are but some of the things Pica suffers crave. Although pregnant women may develop temporary Pica, true suffers continue with their behavior for a month and more.

  4. Foreign Accent Syndrome. Said to be caused by brain trauma, conversion disorder or multiple sclerosis, this condition ranks quite high among weird diseases. Suffers will speak their native language with a foreign sounding accent. Documented cases include American English to a British accent and from an originally British accent to French.

  5. Ochronosis. Another of condition that is truly belongs among weirdest diseases is Ochronosis. Ochronosis manifests itself in the ear cartilage and eyes of which turns black or blue. People who suffer from certain types of metabolic disorders are at risk. Areas that are affected may become brittle and break down over time.

  6. Hairy Tongue. Hairy Tongue is exactly what it sounds like. It is a weird condition where one's tongue develops a black and hairy texture. Luckily, the disorder can be treated by antibiotics and is said to be rather harmless.

  7. Ochoa Syndrome. Ochoa Syndrome or Peculiar Facial Expression is an affliction that manifests itself at birth. Infants end up grimacing when they attempt to smile. Treatment is possible through a regimen of antibiotics but some develop renal failure by the time they hit their teens.

  8. Eagle Syndrome. This weird affliction is caused by a certain calcified ligament or even an elongated bone. At this point, researchers do not know the cause of this calcification or elongation. Those with this syndrome feel pain in their ear and throat as well as difficulty in swallowing.

  9. Progeria. Thankfully, Progeria is one of the rarest, weird diseases. Children born with this devastating genetic disorder appear normal at birth but develop wrinkles and undergo hair loss. Those who are stricken by this malady are only expected to live up to 13 years.

  10. Trigger Thumb. This bizarre condition causes a person's thumb or finger to lock up. The thumb or finger can remain locked indefinitely. It can straighten but physically manipulating the joint can be rather painful. Men have some reason to be thankful as the condition is more common among women.   

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