Weird Questions To Ask Women

The weird questions to ask women will lead only a connection to her knee hitting your Mr. Willie or her giving you the, "what the hell” look that leaves her baffle. If you are a brave guy who seeks to ask odd questions to the opposite sex, here are different ones to choose which works wonderfully in public setting like a bar.

  1. Do you prefer tampons or Kotex while on your period? Every man hates to find out the bad news that Aunty Flo made it through town. Other than that, he does not want to hear about a woman's cycle. However if you're dying to know which hygiene product she likes that controls the massive blood flow during her menstrual cycle, consider it is one of the top weird questions to ask a women.
  2. How is your last boyfriend in bed? People talk about their exes all the time but it is extremely rare for any girl to reminiscent about her past sexual adventures regarding an ex lover to another male without him getting pissed. This weird random question to ask a girl will leave her wondering, "why the hell he cares?
  3. Would you screw me if I had a porn star penis? Few women will take it as a joke and respond with a witty comeback while others will get angry, ignore you, or tell you to screw yourself. Be that number one weirdo she ran across with this weird question.
  4. Have you ever attempt to snort sugar, as it is cocaine? Asking her weird questions, as this one is a confirmation that you are out of your mind and do not need any type of recreational drug to get stimulation. At this point, she will label you mentally incapable of having a normal conversation, let alone asking a normal question and will run to the nearest exit.
  5. Did you ever have a crush on your imaginary friend while growing up? For this weird question, prepare for the woman to give a blank stare while she tries to figure out why you ask such an odd question. Hopefully she will take it as a joke and won’t question your mental sanity, as she knows there isn’t such a thing to fall in like with something that isn’t real.
  6. What color panties you are wearing? This spells out pervert alert to women if a man boldly asks this weird question. Do understand that her answer will not be too kind since you invaded her privacy so there is a great chance that she will get far away from you or perhaps throw a drink at your face.
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