Weird Websites

There are plenty of weird people in the world, so there is no shortage of weird websites. If you have a taste for the bizarre, then you're in for a treat. Visit some of the weird websites below. 

  1. Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie. Mind control is a big problem these days. Alas, a solution exists. You can protect yourself from those crazy lizard people using ordinary household wares such as aluminum foil. The site claims that this beanie will protect you from mind control technology, brain scanning and mind reading. You can make your own beanie and find more information about it at 
  2. Daily Acid. You'll love this very weird website once you scroll past all the ads on the front page. One of the most notable pages on the site is devoted to gummi bear surgery. While not exactly a how-to, this webpage contains a graphic illustration of surgical procedures performed on gummy bears. If you want to try it at home, you can probably figure out the basics from the photographs. Check out this weird website at 
  3. Millions of cars have been molested at least once. You wouldn't know it by looking at one. You may even own one of these cars. Car molestation is a serious problem, and this weird website aspires to bring attention to it. You may enjoy the many photos which reveal the unthinkable things people have done to cars and trucks. As the name of this most weird website indicates, you can find the site at 
  4. Trek Passions. Are you a die hard "Star Trek" fan who needs a date? This weird dating website is for you. In fact, all science fiction fanatics are welcome to set up profiles and place personals here. Trek Passions has all the features of a dating site, including message boards and instant chat. Visit and find your dream date. 
  5. Executed Today. Do you want to find out who was murdered by government officials on your birthday? Visit Executed Today and search for any date you wish. This weird website has an astounding number of bios for people who have been executed in the past. Visit the site at 
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