Western Wedding Wear Essentials

If you are attending a western wedding, then you need to know the proper western wedding wear. This will be much different from many other weddings you may attend in your life but a western wedding is a lot of fun to not only dress up for but also to attend because the theme is usually a great one to exploit with a more laid back setting and such. Thing you want to avoid though with a western wedding, as impossible as it may sound, is to be too tacky.

  1. The cowboy hat. The staple of any western themed anything is the classic cowboy. Make sure to keep it matching with your outfit, a safe choice is always black so that will probably be your best bet for this western wedding. Also be sure that this cowboy hat doesn’t have any crazy designs on it, just a plain cowboy hat would probably be your best looking plan for this western wedding.
  2. A black vest. A great choice for the western wedding because it definitely says “Old West.” To look as authentically western as you can for this wedding, you will want some golden buttons that are relatively big, just to cement the idea of the “Old West” at this wedding.
  3. A white sleeved undershirt. More a staple of a normal wedding, this is a great addition to a western wedding because it also accents the black vest with gold buttons and will also tie you down a little bit which helps put off some of the tackiness that you may portray otherwise at this western wedding.
  4. A nice belt. A huge belt buckle is definitely unnecessary unless it is specifically mention because, let’s face it, this is still a wedding. But to have your best and shirt tucked in and showing the regular buckle on a belt follows the less is more rule because it will look like a more legitimate belt than a big shiny belt buckle.
  5. A pair of cowboy boots. Make sure these are black to because the common color for cowboy boots, brown, will definitely be unmatched here. Once again make sure to just get some normal cowboy boots with now crazy designs present even if it is a western wedding!
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