What Is The ACN Pyramid Scheme?

What is the ACN pyramid scheme? It is a scheme developed by ACN Inc., a multi-level marketing (MLM) company from Concord, North Carolina. The pyramid scheme from ACN is considered a scam by many, with many controversies surrounding it.

The company has received a lot of controversy for the initial sign up fee of $499. Critics call this the "pay to play" feature in which individuals must pay a fee in order to become involved in the system. This, for many, indicates the nature of the "scam" as dubbed, whereas other MLM opportunities do not require such a fee. This remains a very heated point in the debate. 

Critics claim that new representatives will not make much money as representatives for the company. However, this is true for many other business opportunities. At any rate, the company's concentration on recruiting new representatives, and not in developing their services, is a key controversy.

The pyramid scheme offers income based on how many representatives a representative recruits. In this system, however, representatives must climb to the top of the pyramid to make any real income. Many commentators and critics note that the top 1% make "real income." Thus, most are doomed to fail in the ACN pyramid scheme.

The ACN pyramid scheme has been seen in a number of court cases. However, there are legal difficulties which make it difficult to prosecute MLM companies. At any rate, it seems as that the ACN pyramid scheme will remain a point of controversy for some time.

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