What Is Ale Beer?

What is ale beer? “Aye, I’ll talk me a pint of that there ale ya’ got." Ale beer conjures up images of pirates and Scottish lads, but many people do not realize what ale beer truly is. It’s not bred from nationality or stature, but rather from a fine list of ingredients that make it one of the most tempting brews on the market.

Ales can come in all varieties: Pale Ale, German Ale, Light Ale, English Pale Ale and Scottish Ale to name a few. But drop the given descriptive name and what is left? The formative “ale.” So what is ale beer exactly? The term “ale” comes from the ingredients in the brew, which gives the beer its hearty flavor and fruity taste.

The term “ale” means that the beer is brewed with yeast, which causes the beer to ferment over a quick period of time, resulting in its extraordinary flavor. Of course, ale is still brewed with malted barley, and many are brewed with hops as well, giving each variety of ale its own distinct taste, albeit a complimentary one.

Select ale beers, such as pale ale, have fewer hops brewed with them. Brown ales are brewed with dark barley malt. Belgian ales tend to have a larger amount of sucrose, causing them to be higher in alcoholic content. All of the above ale beers have one thing in common, however: the use of a top-fermenting brewer’s yeast. This fermenting process brings about the delectable tastes of a select variety of fruits, such as pear, banana, pineapple or plum.

So the next time when deciding between an ale and a lager, reach for the smooth, fruity taste of hearty ale. And throw on that pirate’s hat and eye patch. Or, for that matter, a Scottish kilt.


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