What Is Ambien Enhanced Sex Experience?

What is Ambien enhanced sex experience? It all depends on how your body reacts to Ambien during sex. Ambien is strictly a sleeping aid prescription drug. It has no intention to be served as a sexual enhancer. According to Ralph Tarter, the director of the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Education and Drug Abuse Research, Ambien doesn’t heighten your arousal. Still, people use the drug to enhance their sex lives.

  1. LSD or Ecstasy To get the Ambien enhanced sex experience, treat the drug like you are taking LSD or Ecstasy. Why do people out there take LSD or Ecstasy? The reason is that they just want to feel very relaxed, and be in dreamlike state. The same principal applies here. You can look forward to have amazing sex if you are very sensual with no tension. One of the medical experts, Schab, agrees that you will get a buzz or a sense of haziness from Ambien.
  2. Memory eraser To get the Ambien enhanced sex experience, utilize the drug as a memory eraser. Regardless of who you are having sex with, you can enjoy everything without remembering it. Let’s say you are having an affair. The only thing that you care about is having awesome sex. Schab has confirmed that Ambien promotes amnesia. Therefore, how in the world can you feel guilty if you can’t recall anything?
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