What Is Ambien Sex?

Recently Tiger Woods has made Ambien Sex famous, but you may be wondering just what is Ambien Sex? There are many claims that Ambien Sex is the best thing to hit sex since a camcorder, and just as many that are saying it's dangerous. Ambien Sex is overall a very simple concept.

What is Ambien?

Ambien is a prescription drug, typically used to treat insomnia or difficulty sleeping. It is advised that the person ingest the medication only when they are able to devote at least eight hours to sleep. It has been reported that the medication can cause some unwanted side effects such as sleep walking, or taking part in activities and having no memory of the events later, when the person "wakes up".

What Is Ambien Sex?

To have Ambien Sex means to have sex while under the influence of Ambien. There have been reports from users of Ambien that while under the influence they were able to have fantastic sex. Of course, the actual users have no memory of the act, so they have to rely on their partner's opinion. This seems to make Ambien Sex even more highly desired, and a bit like a dirty little secret on the part of the partner.

Experts say there is no science behind the claims. Ambien is designed to relax a person and put them to sleep. The entire concept is a paradox. However, the side effect of sleep walking and being physically active without being mentally present also defies the function of the sleep aid. Ambien Sex is very similar to having sex while drunk. Alcohol also is considered a downer, however releases one inhibitions and can result in some mind blowing and uncharacteristic sex.

It is cautioned that Ambien not be taken without a prescription. The risks involved for someone who doesn't need a sleep aid just aren't worth the possible Ambien Sex experience. Not everyone is capable of this phenomenon, though it does make one curious and eager to experience it.

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