What Is The Arbonne Pyramid Scheme?

What is the Arbonne pyramid scheme, you ask? Arbonne is considered to be a multi level marketing company. Based out of Switzerland, Arbonne is a company that specializes in skin care products. Products that are sold by Arbonne include skin care products, body care products, and weight loss products. 

While there is a possibility to make money by working for Arbonne, your chances are slim to none. which is why Arbonne is considered to be a pyramid scheme. The products that are sold by Arbonne are overpriced and they have vast competition in the skin care products field, namely Avon and Mary Kay. Those who work for Arbonne are required to lay out quite a bit of money up front, because Arbonne requires you to purchase their products before you are allowed to join their team as a work at home distributor, which is a tell tale sign of a pyramid scheme.

If you have a lot of connections and are a great sales person, you may be able to make money by selling Arbonne products. However, Arbonne does not allow their distributors to set up their own online stores, which hurts your prospect of making serious money. Being that most people are unable to make money by selling Arbonne products because of the price of the products and the restrictions that are placed on marketing, you will often end up losing money due to the fact that you had to purchase their products in the beginning.

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