What Are The 5 Most Popular Brands Of Jeans?

What are the five most popular brands of jeans? And what makes them so popular? Superior fit, comfort, and designer style. Popular jean brand designers know exactly how jeans should fit your body to maximize sex appeal. When you're looking good, you're feeling good. Turning on that special someone just got a little easier by looking your best in one of these five popular brands of jeans:

  1. Diesel. Diesel brand jeans feature their trademark used and abused look. Marketed to the younger crowd, Diesel jeans are rough and tough like the people who wear them.
  2. True Religion. Turn to True Religion jeans for that laid-back, sophisticated look that shouts: I'm smart and horny! You won't be disappointed with the smart styling of these popular brand jeans. A little on the pricey side, but well worth it.
  3. Gap. After going through style changes to accommodate more than just the tall and thin, Gap’s new styles offer superb fitting for all body types. Said to use the softest denim above all other popular brand jeans, people claim Gap jeans are the most comfortable.
  4. Calvin Klein. Soaring to the top in the 80's with sexy magazine ads featuring a topless Brooke Shields, Calvin Klein has been a popular jean brand ever since. Though we don’t all look like the super hunky models Calvin Klein uses to advertise their jeans, they do have the best designer look of all the popular brands. 
  5. Levi's.  Though not the swankiest of popular jean brands, Levi's still win out as one of the most widely purchased jean brands. Levi's have the perfect cut, hugging you in all the right places to display the best features of your lower half.  Tried and true, the Levi brand has been around since the early 1850's and still are at the top of the most wanted list for both men and women. Everybody has owned a pair of Levi’s at one time or another.
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