What Are Ballads?

What are Ballads? What does that word actually entail? Poetry, stanzas, and melody are examples of ballads. There are different types of ballads. In the past, a ballad was a poem with two or more stanzas sung with repetition to a melody. Almost all children's poetry comes in the form of a ballad. One of the very first songs a child hears, "Rock A Bye Baby", is a ballad. All lullabies are ballads. Today a ballad has a whole new meaning.

This new meaning to what are ballads came into effect in the 1950's. It was given to the names of slow, popular love songs. Any slow jazz, country, or rock songs played on the radio today would be considered a ballad. The light, simple songs that are about love and romance make up what are ballads.  They are the slow songs played at school dances. Ballads set the stage for romantic dinners and make listeners think about past loves.  Ballads give the listener the feeling of sentimental memories. They are no longer just simple children's poetry or folk songs, ballads can be in any type of music. For example, "Over the Rainbow" is a classic ballad. "Dream On" by Aerosmith and "I want to Know What Love Is", by Foreigner are both rock ballads. Even country has many ballads like "I Hope You Dance", by Lee Ann Wamack. and "The Climb", sung by Miley Cyrus. Almost every type of music has ballads in it. These days slow, romantic, love songs make up what are ballads.

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